Curtis Family

I love it when the amazingly talented Kristina Curtis asks me to capture these special moments of her darling family. What is even better I got to team up with the talented Alyssia Baird I can’t wait to see all of her beautiful images. Baby August isΒ only a few weeks old and big brother Miles couldn’t be cuter!

Curtis Family_0000 Curtis Family_0001 Curtis Family_0002 Curtis Family_0003 Curtis Family_0004 Curtis Family_0005 Curtis Family_0006K lifestyle_0000 Curtis Family_0007 Curtis Family_0008 Curtis Family_0009 Curtis Family_0010 Curtis Family_0011 Curtis Family_0012 Curtis Family_0013 Curtis Family_0014 Curtis Family_0015 Curtis Family_0016 Curtis Family_0017 Curtis Family_0018 Curtis Family_0019 Curtis Family_0020 Curtis Family_0021 Curtis Family_0022 Curtis Family_0023 Curtis Family_0024



  1. Leslee says

    What is the name of the song you used in the Curtis Family video, it was absolutely beautiful. I’d like to find and download, just had my 2nd little boy as well :) Congratulations Curtis Family.


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